Education opens doors of Opportunity...

I have just met lovely Dilisha Patel from CAREducation. We laughed and joked about how this meeting was supposed to happen 3 years or so ago, when our conversations had first began all those years ago! 

I have been creative, drawing, colouring, painting and sewing ever since i could get my hands to grasp hold of anything. But what came along with this was always a passionate feeling from within that told me I wanted to reach out to create impact.

I have not known how this would manifest, just only that with projects that are engaged with contribution and community my soul is awakened.

Your's Truly, back in the 80's Elementary School
I stumbled upon CAREducation when the initiative World Women Wembley began in 2013. The mission of the participants was to be empowered, take their talent, create a currency from this, and once ready look back to their own heritage, and spread this empowerment to an individual, organisation or community. In turn creating a ripple effect. 
During our meeting I had to try hard to not to let the tears escape from my eyes. Just hearing Dilisha talk about the work CAREducation does in India and around the world, spoke to me so deeply. 
CAREducation Youth was formed in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and support for the CAREducation Trust. Here in the U.K and other developed countries we have the privilege of being given free schooling up until the age of 18. 
The members of CARE Youth share a common passion of trying to better the lives of these children through education. What can be more rewarding than knowing you have made a difference in someones life and given him or her a fighting chance of having a better future?!
"To provide underprivileged children with an opportunity of a better life through the means of education and vocational skills." is the mission.
Here comes in project Bilimora.
Sound familiar? Yes, this is the same Bilimora that House of Bilimoria's origin stems from. For those that do not know, the name House of Bilimoria comes from my family surname Bilimoria, which came to be from that town in Gujarat called Bilimora. 
Mr. Vasanji Bilimoria, Master Tailor, my Grandfather, apple of my eye. 
As you remember the earthquake in 2001 affected Gujarat, damaging local building structures. CARE’s help to reconstruct and maintain a residential hostel, provides the Adivasi (tribal) children of the Dang area full residential care so that they can live in close proximity to receive education in the town.
Dilisha explained to me about the project, that the Boys hostel has been completed, though the Girls hostel is yet to be finished.
Now on my journey back to Wembley, House of Bilimoria studio, I am certain to the core that everything has its timing.
I am so excited, thrilled and honoured to join in CAREducation's mission, with full belief in the vision.
Proud to announce that 10% of all online sales will go to CAREducation's Bilimora Girls Hostel project. We are going to be supporting this project seeing it through to completion and much more beyond that. 
A Fashion Charity Auction Dinner & Dance to launch our engagement with CAREducation and the mission to raise funds to complete the build on the Bilimora Girls School Hostel is to be announced shortly.
For now, take a look at the Bilimora Girls in action, looking very forward to meeting the girls in the near future. Touched. Moved. Inspired.
With Colour.Love.Light
SB x

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This is amazing Shilpa! Congratulations on making the world a better place :)

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