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Kajal's Banarasi Engagement Journey

We have seen the revival of the traditional Banarasi Saris is very much at the forefront of the Indian Fashion. Creating Kajal's perfect engagement outfit with a heirloom sari was simply exquisite. Here she shares her journey with us, from the moment she said I DO, till her big day... not to forget the even bigger day yet to come!!  I have to say, getting engaged was something I had not spent much time thinking about, so when my partner, Steven proposed to me on the 15th April 2016 I was completely surprised! It was all rather emotional and very surreal, and we couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family. Coming from two different cultures: Indian and Irish,...

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Clothes Show 2015, Birmingham NEC December 4th-8th

We have begun the countdown to the Clothes Show 2015! It's the first time that we have taken on doing such a huge show and are super excited to see our customers and show them the new products we have created.  We've kept a close eye on sustainability this collection, sourcing materials mainly from charity, and vintage suppliers. Reincarnating materials that may have ended up in the bottom of a big pile, destined for landfill!! One of the highlights is creating our new Block printed range. Using varied mediums, including hand carved lino-blocks, and then also vintage Indian blocks. We've created some really stunning pieces, main accessories, making our printed range easy to buy, and great gifts!  Keep up to...

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Exciting New Products in the Making!

We are busy behind the scenes in studio discovering and creating the new lines that are going to be available for you to buy next month!! Gearing up for the end of the year, and all those great gifts that you are going to be looking for.  Indian Blockprint is a technique and craft that fascinates me. The beauty of the handmade lines, stamps is incredible. So to recreate this in some modern prints with subtle hints of Indian inspired design is where we are headed. All hand drawn and illustrated, which will then be transferred to our blocks and hand printed. 

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