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Mini Bili Sparks at Dot To Dot London Childrenswear Trade Show

Mini Bili made its debut at London’s independent childrenswear trade show, ‘Dot to Dot’ on its 10thEdition held at the Vinyl factory in Soho. Being one of the ‘Spark’ brands as first timers to the show, it was an exciting prospect to connect with retailers face to face, gaining their perspective and feedback on what is happening on the front end of children’s boutiques across the U.K. As a bespoke brand, it became clear from the show that our processes are unique from those of other luxury kids wear brands. With us the norm is for our clients to choose from a range of vintage fabrics, designing to the specifications for their children and making exclusive pieces. Having spoken to...

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Mini*Bili the Story so far.

As the excitement of launching the brand new line Mini*Bili continues, a thought came through to share the journey so far, in the lead up to finally launching a side of House of Bilimoria that has been long in the works. Mini*Bili was born through the love of self-expression and uniqueness. It’s the magic of childhood that brought me here. Throughout my young days, the earliest memories are dressing up. Dressing up in clothes that had been made by hand. By either one of my grandparents, or my mother. From that ripe age, the essence of a handmade item of clothing definitely wore to a different level of self-expression than something that I saw picked off the peg where there...

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Kajal's Banarasi Engagement Journey

We have seen the revival of the traditional Banarasi Saris is very much at the forefront of the Indian Fashion. Creating Kajal's perfect engagement outfit with a heirloom sari was simply exquisite. Here she shares her journey with us, from the moment she said I DO, till her big day... not to forget the even bigger day yet to come!!  I have to say, getting engaged was something I had not spent much time thinking about, so when my partner, Steven proposed to me on the 15th April 2016 I was completely surprised! It was all rather emotional and very surreal, and we couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family. Coming from two different cultures: Indian and Irish,...

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