Meet the Designer


Passed down from her ancestors, Shilpa Bilimoria the designer and founder of House of Bilimoria's love of tailoring grew from an early age. Immersed and surrounded by textures, haberdashery and traditional machinery, her inspiration came genetically. 

The designer boasts, 

"Long fingers and big hands like both my granddads" 

Her fondest memories from her childhood are of those when she would

"wait in line"

to wear the latest handcrafted dress from one of the master tailors she was so influenced by.

With this her world it was only natural that Shilpa began to stitch from the ripe age of 8. Her first creation was one her mother guided her through, and the rest we can say... is history!!

Graduated with a BA (Hons) in Design for Fashion and Textiles, her education she says is a 'formality'. Her skill and experience is that of many years of hands on deconstructing and reconstructing garments and textiles. 

Shilpa has a rich cultural heritage. Born in Canada, with her roots being North Indian. Her father born in Mumbai and her mother in Kisumu, Kenya. And now a proud Londoner!

Traditional textiles, colours, ritual and clothing all play a significant role in Shilpa's design aesthetic.

Bohemian elegance, a term coined from Shilpa watching her mother get suited and booted in the late 80's and 90's and go off to work in a bank than come home and transform into an Indian Goddess. Her designs bring ethnicity to the boardroom in a classic way.