Zig-Zag Eye Mask
Zig-Zag Eye Mask
Zig-Zag Eye Mask
Zig-Zag Eye Mask
House of Bilimoria

Zig-Zag Eye Mask

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  • Here at House of Bilimoria we are brand that is about a sustainable lifestyle. Within this, we believe acts of self-care should be embraced by everyone. When in caring for yourself you can then be your best self for others. Our Zig-Zag Eye Mask is the perfect companion to your self-care rituals. 


  • Covers your eyebrows, side of your face for complete coverage and comfort.
  • Wadded inlay
  • Fabric covered elasticated strap
  • Upcycled from fabric offcuts using zero-waste cutting methods

The fabric and producers 

  • The Zig-Zag Eye Mask is made from 100% block printed cotton
  • Origin of fabric is India, offcuts from bespoke project.
  • The eyemasks are made to order in our London Atelier, by hand. Our team of dedicated tailors construct this using traditional tailoring techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

Garment Care

  • Did you know that the consumer use phase of a garment has one of the largest environmental impacts over its lifecycle. How your clothing is cared for is up to you! By choosing cold cycles or handwashing, you’ll not only be gentler on the planet but gentler on your garment and be able to wear it for longer. 
  • Lifetime repair for all products

Help us become circular

  • After your garment has been properly loved, send it back to us to receive 30% off your next purchase. We will deconstruct the garment and re-use it in future collections, allowing us to close the loop and meet our 2020 Action Goals 


  • Don’t fret, your unique piece is in progress! As all items are made-to-order, this one will be made as soon as you place your order. Production can take 1-2 days, expect for your item to be delivered 5 days after placing your order.